Fah Than Tawan (2022)

Fah Than Tawan (2022)


Weiha Tawan and Nithang are best friends. While the three of them spent some fun time together, Weiha and Tawanha

They have more feelings for Nithan than friends. But one day, suddenly, both Weiha’s mother and Tawan’s mother

Due to their simultaneous deaths, Weiha and Tawan were separated from each other.

Waiha’s mother is suffering from a past incident. That’s why Weiha can take care of her mother more

They have quit their current jobs and are struggling to make a living while acquiring boxing skills.

Thawm’s father, Tak Kon, is a successful real estate businessman who is the only one of his kind.

Because he wants to control his son (Tawan) to follow his path and be his own, there is a little friction between the father and son.How will the bond between the three friends change amid difficult life challenges?

Will the love between Weiha and Tawan, who are in love with Nithang, turn into a three-way love?

Other Name: Fah Than Tawan


Released: Sep. 24, 2022


Cast: N/A

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